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Health Guarantee and Warranty Details
No breeder can ever claim that all of their puppies are perfect. 
I have carefully health screened each male and female I plan on using in my breeding program to exclude dogs that have any questionable health issues - from bone and joint development, heart and eye exams, to allergies and skin issues - or anything else that may come up.  If any of my own dogs, or any dog I plan as using as a stud, shows any signs of any problems - they will not be used in my breeding program, are spayed/neutered (if I own them), and will live their days as a loved pet in my home. 
However, due to the hereditary and environmental causes of such issues I cannot guarantee or warrant that the puppy will not contract such diseases or ailments, BUT in the unlikely event the puppy is diagnosed within: a) 12 months of birth for a "nine to ten week old puppy" or b.) 18 months of birth for a "20-25 week old puppy", (no warranty on retired show dogs) of one (or more) hereditary fault (outlined in the puppy purchase agreement) and the fault renders puppy unable to function as pet/companion without medical intervention, I provide the following guarantee/warranty options:
1.)  To keep the puppy and perform which-ever course of action you choose as long as it is in the best interest of the puppy and is agreed to as the reasonable course of action according to the attending veterinarian.  If suggested treatment:
  I.)  Is euthanasia, the veterinarian must forward to me a letter outlining the issues (or discuss via telephone) with the puppy and why euthanasia is the appropriate course of action. Providing puppy isn’t in un-due pain, the owner can choose to have the puppy live out the remaining days as comfortable as possible (under veterinary care and guidance), or, have the puppy euthanised per veterinary advice, whichever is best for the family and the puppy.  Copies of the health records are to be forwarded to me to check with other puppy owners if similar issues have come up.  The owner will be given a replacement puppy from a subsequent litter of equal quality and sex.  Costs of the veterinary care is the responsibility of the owner.  
  II.)  Is treatment (ie: surgery, long-term care, etc), and owner decides to pursue this course of action, I agree to forward a maximum of 40% of the purchase price of the puppy directly to the practicing veterinarian to assist in the cost of treatment.  Irregardless of the outcome, my obligation has been filled and no replacement puppy or additional compensation will be provided.  Costs exceeding the total 40% purchase price refund is the sole responsibility of the owner.
2.)  To return the puppy to me, along with all health records and registration forms, so that I may pursue treatment in the best interest of the puppy.  The owner will be given a replacement puppy from a subsequent litter of equal quality and sex.  Costs of the veterinary care prior to return is the responsibility of the owner, as well as shipping costs to return the puppy. 
This warranty does not cover developments that arise from preventable causes.  Preventable causes of death and/or injury include, but are not limited to:
- accidents (eg. motor vehicle accidents, choking)
- trauma (eg. rough play, slips, falls, sprains, broken bones)
- poisoning (deliberate or accidental)
- attack by an animal, person, or other
- failure to provide proper nutrition, exercise, and supplements suitable to puppy’s age
- lack of recommended preventative veterinary care
- food allergies
Unable to function as a pet/companion means the puppy cannot perform tasks associated with being a companion animal without undue suffering and  loss of quality of life that cannot be managed by diet change, supplementation, or medication.
If you have any questions about the warranty coverage, or would like clarification, please feel free to contact me: