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WinterGems Puppy "Selections"
In developing my breeding program I wanted to ensure puppy owners got the best quality puppy with no hidden expenses.  We all live busy lives and have different needs when it comes finding your perfect pet.  I have taken these requests very seriously and offer future owners a choice in what type of puppy best suits their lifestyle, schedule and budget.
Click on the headings below to learn more about our special puppies:
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Younger puppies suited for anyone interested in a "full-deal" puppy-bonding/rearing experience. 
Older puppies suited for fast-paced homes interested in a more "ready-for-the-home" pet with less hassles.
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Mature dogs that are fully socialized, used to travel, completely potty trained, and have lead exciting show careers.
On occassion exceptional quality show puppies/adults are available to WHWT enthusiasts. Contact me for more details.
Training starts young - making new friends is easy with early socialization.
Teddy - Wintergems Westie and Booster - Newfoundland Dog as a pillow