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WinterGems Puppy "Selections"
Nine to Ten Weeks: Young Puppy
Puppies leave my home between nine and ten weeks of age giving them socialization time with their mother and ensure they are fully vet screened before leaving my home. Puppies come with "all-in-one" pricing which includes shipping, their crate, and so much more. All pups are socialized under-foot in my home making them more calm, well-adjusted additions in your home, even at a young age.

Nine to Ten Week Old Puppies Are:

1.) Microchipped and Up to Date: they arrive with their complete vaccination records to provide to your vet. Your puppy is also identified with the CKC with a unique microchip. If your pet is ever lost, one quick scan and the shelter/vet to find them will know where their rightful owner is.

2.) Introduction to Basic Obedience Trained: sit, come, down, and walking politely on a leash. These puppies are still young and additional training is required but they have been introduced to obedience so it will make your training easier.

3.) Introduction to Potty Training: puppies have been introduced to the concept of pottying outdoors but their bodies are still growing and they are still learning to control their functions. With early introduction to potty training puppies are taken outdoors for breaks a.) after they eat/drink, b.) when they wake up from naps, c.) first thing in the morning and before they go to bed, d.) after they play. This gets their bodies into a habit making potty training in your home more predictable.

4.) Socialization/BioSensor Lessons: puppies are introduced to a wide variety of situations to ensure they are well balanced household companions. Puppies raised with the BioSensor Program are more able to cope with stress, easier to train, and are healthier (program developed by the military to assist in training service dogs - proven to help smarter puppy development).

5.) Introduced to Crate Training: puppies arrive with their own crate that they are used to sleeping in. Puppies at six weeks of age begin getting used to sleeping alone ensuring an easier transition to your home (crate accepted by Air Canada).

6.) Come With A Twelve Month Health Warranty: more details on my warranty page.

7.) CKC Registered and 3 Generation Pedigree.

8.) From Canadian and European Championship Bloodlines: parents are carefully health screened to ensure your puppy has the best chance at a full, healthy life.

9.) Food and Training Information: puppies arrive with individual training packages complete with puppy training tips, coupons for food, and so much more. As well, puppies arrive with enough food to last a couple weeks ensuring no upset stomachs during transition.

10.) 24 Hours a Day - Seven Days a Week Breeder Support: day or night I am available to answer all of your puppy questions. If I don't have the answer - I will find it!

11.) Shipping within Canada (to major cities and most remote regions), where Air Canada flies. Outside of Canada shipping is available...

And the knowledge everything has been done to ensure your puppy is off to the best start possible and that your puppy comes from a breeder that loves and cares for their dogs in their home.

For more information on my health guarantee/warranty details or my purchase agreement please click on the links to the right.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions: